Levi x pregnant reader headcanons

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Levi x pregnant reader headcanons

If not that is fine, I just thought it would be cute. When Bakugo got home he was exhausted but in a good mood because the mission had gone so well. Izuku Midoriya: Izuku and his wife had actually been hesitant about having children in the first place. So after a long time of difficult decision making they finally decided to try for a baby.

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Shoto Todoroki: Out of all of the boys Shoto was actually the most confident in the idea that he wanted children, he had known his entire life that if he got the privilege to marry someone he would want to have kids with them, to show that he was a better parent than his father, and to show that he would love that child unconditionally no matter what quirk they had or if they had any quirk at all.

Of course Shoto was scared when she told him, but above anything else he was happy and excited for another adventure, this time with the person he loved more than anything else in the world. Eijirou Kirishima: This man- is pure fluff and sunshine wrapped up in a ball of happiness and anything else you can think of that has a positive connotation. So the idea of having a mini partner in crime to run around with and be childish with sounded amazing to him! So of course when months and months of trying eventually turned into years … it was a hard blow to deal with.

After a lot of late nights and going back and forth they finally decided to try for adoption. The two hopeful parents quickly cancelled their date and went home to cry of happiness and celebrate together. Bakugo x reader Katsuki x reader ground zero x reader deku x reader midoriya x reader izuku x reader todoroki x reader shoto x reader kirishima x reader eijirou x reader red riot x reader kaminari x reader denki x reader chargebolt x reader.

Aug 04, While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Hawks and Whiplash run into a troublesome villain in the midst of their investigation. Things go awfully awry when the villain injects a massive dose of Trigger, sending the two pro-heroes into an unexpected situation filled with medieval meadowlands, creepy, giant, naked people with murderous impulses, and a certain broody, dark-haired supersoldier.

In the world you live in unique and gifted people like you with abilities are not praised, but hated. You are tied up with rules, regulations and restrictions. Your ability allows you to touch things or people, then see how someone is feeling inside, what they've seen or how objects have been used in crimes.

The government saw your potential and placed you in the police, however no one wanted you until the scouts picked you up. Welcomed by Erwin, Mike, Hange and Levi with open arms, you begin to hold out hope that you can make the city a better place in solving crimes.

However, some in the team aren't so pleased to see you. Battling with outside and inside perceptions of you, as well as your power draining you if you use it too much and making you sick sometimes, life is hard. Levi is the only shining light in your life.

After voluntering to be your partner, Levi works with you to not only help the city become safer, but also help you to be braver and more proud of yourself. As the two of you work together, people begin to see how tough it is to be someone like you and Levi can't help but want to fight for you.

As he helps you, you begin to help him and open his heart up more.

levi x pregnant reader headcanons

Out in the field the Scouts Regiment never knows what to expect. Heavens know they try, but there is no real way to predict every outcome. It is most fortunate that they are not the only ones trying to survive out in the wilds beyond Wall Maria, deep into titan country. A chance encounter drives them together. A stranger throws them a lifeline when they most need it, like a valkyrie of lore flying through the battlefield.

Even with that much, things are about to get uglier.The ask box is OPEN, so feel free to request after reading the rules! Warnings: Swearing what else would you expect from Levi?

levi x pregnant reader headcanons

Or so he thought. You shook your head and took his hands in yours, causing him to look you in the eyes. Anyone can see that. You just have to believe me when I say it. He just crawled towards the head of the bed, and you stood up and lay down next to him. You keep me going. You smiled and found his hand under the blankets, squeezing it. Everyone has bad days, but this day almost made you wish you were dead. Nothing was going right. You felt awful about your job, you felt awful about yourself, you just felt plain awful.

It had gotten so bad that you decided to skip dinner. You were hoping that nobody would wonder where you were. Though, of course, Levi immediately noticed your absence and excused himself from dinner, as well. He took in your bloodshot eyes and tear-stained cheeks, and a hint of concern etched its way onto his face.

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As soon as you saw the slightest bit of emotion on his face, you broke down again, sobs escaping your lips involuntarily. Levi said nothing. He just wrapped his arms around you a bit awkwardly, to be honest and held you as you cried.

You shook your head no, wanting to put your negativity behind you. I appreciate you always being here to cheer me up. It was one of those rare moments where everything seemed to be calm. Dinner had just ended, and the sun was getting ready to set. Levi had mentioned to you earlier that he had no work to do for the rest of the night, so you grabbed his hand and led him to a rooftop. You took him to the middle of the roof and then sat down. Levi positioned himself behind you so that you were seated between his legs.

His head rested on your shoulder so that he could see around you. Neither of you spoke for a few minutes while you waited for the sun to start setting.

His focus was directed towards you, watching how you reacted to the changing colors of the sky. Levi agreed quietly, but he found himself talking about you instead of the sky. Each time your face lit up in excitement, he could feel himself falling more and more in love with you.

A shrill scream brought Levi to a stop and made his blood run cold. Disregarding everything he normally stood by, he took his focus away from the titans he was facing and scrambled to figure out where you were and what was wrong with you. You were sprawled out on the ground in front of a tree, your body twisted painfully. It was obvious that a titan and swatted you aside while you were in the air, causing you to land in this awkward position.

Wherever you were concerned, he always seemed to throw caution to the wind. You smiled. Even when you were on the brink of death, he still insulted you.Note: This is gonna be a modern AU bc i have no clue how you would even be able to blow it out or anything if it were in the same setting as the actual show.

Keep reading. Levi: If I were to have a significant other, they would have to be kind, patient and calm. Have you seen that video of that guys kids interrupting his interview with BBC and his wife just flies in to grab the kids. Originally posted by omaewamou-shindeiru. Originally posted by sairenji. I remember reading this from somewhere and I just thought about it again and I knew that I had to write this for Levi because it fits Levi so well I just had to laugh. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Heads up, it is going to be short. Levi Ackerman Masterlist Anime Masterlist. It was not easy easy being a new mom. Breastfeeding had been the hardest part so far. The problem was not that your son was not breastfeeding at all because he was, just not very often.

The problem was that baby Louis is always sleeping. Louis preferred to sleep that to feed, which worried you. Levi, however, was not too worried because he thought it was normal for Louis to want to sleep due to how much babies sleep in a day.

Right now, you were trying for the third time that day to try to get Louis to feed but he just seemed to refuse. You did not to have to pump your breast again because they cause a lot of discomfort. You have to be hungry now. Your boobs are severely sore from having too much milk that has gathered up throughout the day. Levi, having been watching the entire thing, finally decided to speak up.

Stop whining and drink already. Levi obviously meant this as a joke but Louis took him very seriously.Originally posted by ackersoul. Note: I love this feral boy so much!!

Originally posted by herohunter. Hey can I have some headcanons on Eren and the reader being a nurse to takes care of a slightly injured Eren and he is really flirty and makes her compliments and asks her to hold his hand and she thinks he's really sweet?

Originally posted by tatakaeeren. Originally posted by fairytailwitch. Note: Hey! I hope you like this little oneshot! Originally posted by boondoggledongle. Even though it was spring time, it was tipping it down with rain and this sent a chill through the air.

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Luckily she had taken shelter underneath the train station entrance, keeping her somewhat dry. The time on her screen read am, and she hisses. Normally Kawakami was laid back and past caring but god forbid you showed up to her class late. Her phone almost falls from her fingers but she quickly grabs it before it could plummet to the floor. Keep reading. Note: Yuri is literally one of my top 10 fave characters!

I fell in love with her character design almost instantly!

levi ackerman headcanons

This is a hard topic for her, but having you there by her side to help her would mean the world to her. Note: I wanted to write something cute for this man!

Originally posted by noheartospare. Can i get a aot match-up? Im a straight girl. Im capricorn. I have long blond hair and blue eyes. I use almost all my spear time drawing. Originally posted by omaewamou-shindeiru. Tysm for your matchup request! She even tried to curb her anger and violence. I love angst,but I felt bad doing Mikasa so dirty so here you go!

Warning s : none!Hope you guys like it! Heya guys!

levi x pregnant reader headcanons

Originally posted by usedpimpa. Originally posted by superjaegerbros. The mission was going well, not many titan sightings and even less injuries, something I was extremely glad for as I rode on a horse next to the medic wagon. We were currently in an open field, slightly slowing down on our deployment to give the horses a bit of a break. As we got closer we watched a soldier get caught in the air and squeezed to death in a titans grasp.

Five people already lay dead on the ground, unmoving after being subject to cruel fate at the hands of four titans and no where to attach their hooks to. So with a twist of my reigns I started galloping at top speed towards him.

Do not engage! What proved this to be an even more difficult task was the upcoming titan heading our way.

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The horse in front of me got kicked away by the titan, and I was standing in front of it while supporting the weight of another soldier. Thinking fast, I dropped the man delicately back on the ground and stood in front of the creature, hoping to distract it while the man got away.

My eyes were squeezed shut tightly but after a couple of more swings they still seemed to hit…nothing? I opened them slowly to see the titan swinging back and forth, as if about to fall right on me. There was a man on top of me, looking down with a worried expression.

He gave a slight laugh, nodding at some people around him as the last of the titans dropped to the ground. Are you alright? I smiled back, blushing slightly at the attention gained from such a man but composed myself quickly, running over to where the injured currently were, feeling his icy eyes on my back.

He was wincing quite a lot, obviously in a lot of pain but he would need to get through it until we get back to base unfortunately. The formation we were currently in was supposed to protect the medical carts and was extremely tight knit with only a couple of scouts around to announce upcoming danger.

My eyes went towards his handsome features on occasion but my attention was mostly on the injured individual. A couple days have passed since the dreaded expedition and some of my muscles were hurting from nearly being devoured by a titan and the shock of almost being killed was it not for the commander was clear in my mind. I was currently attending to some paperwork which had a detailed injury report of a few individuals from the same squad and would have to be handed over to the squad leader once it was completed.

Maybe just an overuse of it which should go away in a day or two. Your expertise is well received by everyone here, but I must ask. Why did you race towards the field when you knew it would be near to impossible to get away from the titan? His words made me blush even more, unsure what to do but they made me happy, my heartbeat increasing just at the possibility that he may have feelings for me.

That is until he grabbed my hand and ran his thumb across my knuckles to reassure me. I was speechless at this new revelation, staring into his glaring eyes. His eyes… They usually held at least a tiny amount of warmth towards me but not today, all they held right now was resentment. Levi looked in thought for a moment, inhaling the scent of his tea and taking a sip.The first chapter should be done by the end of the month.

But other then that follow if you want i hope you enjoy the story :].

Levi x reader

Keep reading. If you would like to see any letters for other AoT characterssend them in and I will give my thots thoughts! Note: This is gonna be a modern AU bc i have no clue how you would even be able to blow it out or anything if it were in the same setting as the actual show. Handle it and has to get in on it?! Hearing a knock at his door, the otaku third born slowly turned his head toward the sound, only to keep his eyes on the screen as he continued to button mash.

The knock sounded again- it was quiet, quieter than any knock his brothers had ever done before. Eyes still trained on the glowing screen, he called out.

levi ackerman headcanon

He knew it was. But that was besides the point. Time passes and the reader gets really sick and Levi ends up being the one to take care of her. Reader thought Levi hated her but he secretly likes her and wanted to make it up to her. You are always coming up with the best prompts!

Levi x listener

Thank you so much for being so patient with this. Even on the retreat back to the walls, you knew it was an expedition that would live in infamy. An utterly failed objective. The first appearance of that strange new Female Titan. The countless lives lost, including the entire Levi Squad, were all single-handedly her doing.

His absence was glaringly obvious to you, seemingly not to anyone else. Levi usually spent a lot of time on his own, but this was something more. That first evening, mess was practically empty at dinner. As days went on, people started to regain their composure and appetites.

Those who thrived in the comfort of camaraderie ate in the dining halls. Those who healed in isolation took meals back to their rooms, but Levi was not even doing that. Each meal since that fateful day, you stayed in the cafeteria from open to close for all hours of service, just to check if he was getting a meal. One day.

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Two days. Three days. No sign of him. With the skimpy salaries of soldiers, even the higher-ups, there was no way to afford meals from outside for this long. Not only did he never show up, you never saw someone take a second meal back.

All these signs, you started to wonder, Is he not even eating? The realization immediately placed an image in your mind and a pain in your heart. Your beloved captain, hiding in his room, starving inside, all alone… the thought was far too much to bear, far too sad to sit with. It was obvious to you that he was taking it the hardest. He was the leader.


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